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  • Problems with JAVA calling other class methods

    if there are two classes An and B. There is a method in class B that is not in class A. The object an of class A that I want to generate needs to do something using method c in class B. So I pass an into class B, B (a), and instantiate class B to generat...

  • Data migration scheme of mongodb shard cluster

    1. Requirements: remote Mongodb cluster data migration needs to be able to support full + incremental migration. 2. Environment: Mongodb version 3.2.10, sharding cluster mode. There are more than 200 million data. 3. Mongosync, that has tried 360 ha...

  • How react router parent-son routing communicates

    problem description should be the communication problem between the parent component and the child route < Route >: there is a child < Route > in the Home component pointing to the city component. If you let the method in the child < Route > change t...

  • Who has used the slim,URL parameter?

    the following code: require vendor autoload.php ; $app->get( hello[ {name}] , function ($request, $response, $args) { $response->write("Hello, " . $args[ name ]); return $response; })->setArgument( name , World! ...

  • WeChat Mini Programs requests the interface to report an error

    problem description there is no response in the background the environmental background of the problems and what methods you have tried related codes Please paste the code text below (do not replace the code with pictures) wx.request ({) ...