Using node to build video streaming server

sincerely ask for advice:

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I want to use node as the background to build a video streaming server. The front end is similar to Youku VOD. It can record the playback node function, and load the progress bar at any point (starting from the current progress). I would like to ask if there is a suitable structure recommendation, do not need to be too detailed, recommend me to check it myself, thank you very much

prompt words WebRTC and web socket , I haven't done it either, so I feel like I might eat memory. In addition, you can use the html5 player directly. When the static file is linked in, it seems that you don't have to load it from scratch.

if record the playback node and to load at any point of the progress bar, you don't need any framework. The recording does not need to use the http module to provide an interface. Loading at any point is mainly about two things, one is the video format (can it be broadcast from the middle), and the other is whether the download supports range (whether it can be downloaded from the middle). Of course, this only means to complete the function, in fact, your website may not only have this function, but also need to build a http service such as express or cdn and so on.