Can an array in react state be bound to a dom state using an element in the array?

setting in state: this.state = {checkList: []};

checkList initializes it with an array of the same length as JsonPage: this.setState ({checkList:checkSaveCount}); / / checkSavaCount is the same length as the following JsonPage.

the following creates a set of Checkbox,check properties set to this.state.checkList [I] and binds the onChangeClick event.
var menuArr= [];
var chk=React.createElement (Checkbox, {id: "" + I ", checked:this.state.checkList [I], onChange:this.onChangeClick.bind (this)}, JsonPage [I]); Please enter the code
menuArr [I] = React.createElement (Menu.Item, {key:"+ i+"}, chk);


then the question arises: how to update the status of onChangeClick itself? is it feasible? how to write setState? if there is an all-selected checkbox, click to select all, and the checkList of setState is an array with all values of true, will the status of all the components created above be updated?

Please do not use React with the idea of jQuery .
React there is no concept of dom , everything is data.
your code should look like this:


No. React has already given you jsx syntax, so don't use native ideas to understand