Error after table restore using xtrabackup backup myisam engine

use xtrabackup"s innobackupex tool to back up the mysql database, some of which are myisam engines. After another machine is restored, when querying the table, prompt table "xxx" is marked as crashed and should be repaired, to use the repair command to repair it can return to normal, but to be executed table by table, what is the solution?


using mysqlcheck command

Common parameters of mysqlcheck:

  -a  --all-databases  
  -r  --repair   
  -c  --check    
  -a  --analyze  
  -o  --optimize 
  -q  --quik   
  -F  --fast   
   A, all-databases 
  -a, analyze 
  -o, optimize 
  -r, repair 
  -c, check 
  -B, databases 


mysqlcheck -u root -p -A -c 

mysqlcheck -u root -p -A -r

mysqlcheck -u root -p -r database_name