Is there a js library that can export excel files? Picture is required in excel.

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  1. Project requirements need to export excel files with pictures, either in browser or backend nodejs .
  2. the js libraries have SheetJS/js-xlsx and guyonroche/exceljs .
  3. the problem is that there are some defects in the appeal of both libraries
    js-xlsx only the professional version supports images. I have seen several pr to support images, which are too different from the current version, and are not familiar with the excel format, so I can"t change them.
    exceljs documents should support pictures, but look at issue and commit as if the project has stopped.
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are there any other js library recommendations? Or what is the actual use of exceljs ?


recommend SpreadJS pure front-end class Excel control

official website address:

the pure front end supports importing and exporting Excel, PDF and CSV files, and retains formats, charts, tables, pictures, annotations, formulas, etc.

at the same time, you can edit Excel files at the front end. Online Excel experience:

with SpreadJS, you can convert Excel to JSON or JSON objects to Excel through the client's import and export methods.

the exported Excel file will be locked because it is downloaded from the browser. Excel exports are exported through the client and do not have to interact with the server. When you first open the Excel file, a warning message is displayed.

    <!DOCTYPE html> 

you can download the Excel file locally, or directly get the contents of the Excel file (blob) and send it to the server.

the following methods will be available when importing and exporting:

For more information, please see

you can consider using native js to write one. Taking advantage of the feature that excel can open html, you can output html strings to an excel file through js. Example