Under the Vue framework, how to prevent the submission function class button from being clicked repeatedly

Let"s talk about the scene first. For example, I need to save the information entered by the user now. If the user is upset, or the mouse is broken, he clicks and actually submits it several times. How to prevent this situation? In addition, if the return speed of this interface is already very fast, if you set disabel or something, it will show that you can click again, and this is not ideal, so what I want to achieve is that, for example, you can only click once in 3 seconds, and multiple clicks are invalid, or the prompt cannot be clicked repeatedly


take a look at the function anti-shake, function throttling related articles

since you have also said that you can set disabled to achieve what you say, you only need to set disabled=false after setTimeout,3000ms when the request is initiated, right?

the final code is as follows

setTimeout(()=>{ //
    this.saveButtonDisable = false;
}, 2000);

I am used to java monitoring events, so I think there are similar click monitoring events at the front end. I think I think too much, but I can't change it a bit. 2333